STB, The Original Stop the Burn


Prevent skin & scalp irritation, burning, itching, chemical burn &  allergic reactions. STB, Stop the Burn, is a conditioning agent that alleviates the hair and scalp from the effects of harsh chemical processes. The active ingredient is menthol which provides a soothing sensation that helps relieve irritation. STB is a great at home treatment for itchy scalp, irritation, burning, or any effects from chemical hair treatment.

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Prevent Chemical Burns - Apply directly on irritated areas on the scalp for anyone with sensitive areas to prevent chemical burns from color/bleach processes.

Mix With Formula - If customer is known for having a sensitive scalp, you may add STB drops into your formula without deluding color or affecting processing time. (Measurements on box.)

Protects Hair As Well - STB will help prevent peroxide damage as well as split ends from appearing for extra protection.

Works With Everything -Use with any manufacturer's color/bleach.


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Full Directions

Add 20 drops of STB to color mixture, bleach or perm solution.
Add 2-3 drops directly to sensitive, irritated or itchy scalp areas to eliminate irritation.

Additional Uses

Shampoo & Conditioner - Add in STB drops to help prevent further scalp irritation from color processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply STB to the scalp before I add my color/bleach?

No, you are able to safely add STB to your formula without affecting it if you're prone to skin irritation and itching. You may even add more directly to the scalp if adding it to the formula isn't enough.
(Measurements for both are on box.)

I've develpoed an allergic reaction to my color mixture, will STB help?

Yes, STB will help with any allergic reactions from any formulas. May also prevent chemical burns from such reactions.

I've already added another POWERTOOLS additive to my formula. Can I add STB still?

Yes, STB is additive friendly with all other POWERTOOLS products and may be used together as needed.

Customer reviews
I love Stop the Burn! I couldn’t color my hair without the stuff, it is amazing and saves my scalp by not letting the hair color burn me.
— Mindy R. (Verified Customer)
My moms hair dresser swears by this! My mom loves it! I haven’t used it but she loves it!
— Ashley S. (Verified Customer)
I've been using it for years. It works great on my sensitive clients.
— Vic C. (Verified Customer)