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4Bond is a rich, thick, creamy color hold paraben free bond building shampoo. Using 4Bond Shampoo & Conditioner (pH 4.5) AFTER color/chemical services will rebuild hair bonds and fortify highly damaged, dry & thirsty parts of the hair shaft. 4Bond Shampoo & Conditioner has been developed to maintain the health of the hair bonds previously damaged by a color/chemical service. With continued at home use, 4Bond provides luxurious, soft and shiny hair while maintaining and preparing the hair’s health for it’s next color/chemical service.

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    Perfect for home maintenance after any bond building, color or chemical services.

    The 4Bond shampoo & conditioning system is the smartest & most targeted innovation in hair care technology today. This Smart Target Technology, a first of its kind, contains a Proprietary Blend of Polymers, Keratin, Quinoa & Baobab Proteins rich in Amino Acids. This Cationic positively charged blend is drawn specifically to the negatively charged, damaged parts of the hair shaft. 4BOND instantaneously rebuilds, fortifies & maintains the hair bonds, from the inside out.

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    Sulfate, Paraben & Sodium Chloride Free - developed to maintain the health of the hair bonds previously damaged by a color or chemical service.

    Thermal, UVA & UVV Protection - Will protect the hair from the sun after color service to prevent sun damage and color fade.

    Rebuilds & Strengthens Hair - Shampooing & Conditioning after a color service will rebuild and Instantaneously strengthen the bonds in the hair.

    Preps Hair - Prepares hair for the next chemical service. Leaves luxuriously soft, shiny & healthy hair.


    Before and after salon services, use in place of your normal shampoo for 3 to 4 times a week (or as needed). Reduce usage to 1 to 2 times per week (or as needed) thereafter. Start with a small amount, lather and rinse well. Fine hair: Rinse thoroughly. Follow with 4Bond N' Plex Conditioner as needed.

    Our Proprietary 4Bond Complex

    Advanced Polymer - Coats the hair and provides conditioning benefits such as ease of combing, hair alignment, antistatic effects and improved gloss.

    Baobab Protein - Is one of the most versatile vegetable proteins
    that helps with frizz control, hair elasticity and provides intense conditioning resulting in smoother and softer hair.

    Quinoa Protein - Quinoa is a rich source of 9 essential amino acids that can strengthen hair follicles naturally, repair hair by nourishing and hydrating the scalp.

    Keratin Amino Acids - Provides protection by filling or replenishing damaged gaps in the outer hair cuticle with lost keratin making hair stronger and less prone to breakage.

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