GOD, The Original Gray Oxidizing Drops



Gray Oxidizing Drops, G.O.D, covers resistant gray completely.  G.O.D. can be used with any manufacturer’s permanent, demi & semi-permanent hair color; do not use with color stains or temporary colors. As with all Dennis Bernard products, G.O.D is color friendly and can be used with all other POWERTOOL color additives.

Pro Tips:

    • Refresh red and warmer toned colors by adding 3-5 drops of G.O.D to your shampoo.

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100% Gray Coverage - Will aid in covering resistant gray hairs during a color process.

Works With Everything - Use with any manufacturer's color/bleach.

Enhanced Color - Red color family is enhanced & intensified.

Won't Affect Processing Time - Does not affect processing time or delude color/bleach formula.


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Full Directions

Level 1-6: The Color Being Applied

2 Ounce, Add 10 Drops

3 Ounce, Add 15 Drops

4 Ounce, Add 20 Drops

Levels 7-12 : The Color Being Applied

2 Ounce, Add 5 Drops

3 Ounce, Add 8 Drops

4 Ounce, Add 10 Drops

Mix color, add drops to mixture, apply and process as usual.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will G.O.D affect my color formula?

No, G.O.D will not affect your color formula or processing time. How much you add determines how resistant the hair is but will not delude the color.

How well does G.O.D work with warmer colors?

With warmer colors, the red family specifically, enhances and intensifies the color. You may refresh said color family by adding 2-3 drops into your shampoo after process is over.

Can I add other POWERTOOLS additives with G.O.D?

Yes, on top of being color friendly already, you may use G.O.D with any other POWERTOOLS additives.

Customer reviews
I have been using this product for years; and it really does help permanent hair color to cover the gray for auburn or brown hair. Great product!
— Gem (Verified Customer)
Wished that I have found this earlier.
There were missed areas after coloring prior times and I've assumed because gray hair are more resistant to hair color dye etc.
Use only half the recommended dosage for the first time and it blends/covers really well (not even 1 strand of hair were missed).
Highly recommend this product!
— Erica (Verified Customer)
Purchase of god drops was A1 service. Order shipped as promised and had product in 2 days. Will definitely shop again in future!
— Vivian R (Verified Buyer)