TCA, The Color and Lightener Accelerator Original Clear Formula With The Gold Cap



TCA, The Color and Lightener Accelerator - Original Clear Formula with the Gold Cap, processes with low heat in just 4-10 minutes! Work with permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi color, bleach, foil & high lift applications in half the time when added to any manufacturer’s color or lightening product. 

Guaranteed - Authentic since 1985. 

Accept No Substitution 

The Color Accelerator, TCA, is a hair color additive that slows down the processing of hydrogen peroxide while driving color molecules deeper into the hair shaft. The formula's antioxidant (Vitamin E) allows TCA to help develop the color molecules completely in less time while Jojoba Oil condition & moisturize the hair & scalp.

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Speeds Up Processes - Can be used with or without heat to cut processing times by 1/2 to 2/3. Useful for time crunches or working with multiple clients.

Works With Everything - Use with any manufacturer's color/bleach. Use same measurements as well.

Eliminates Fade-Out - Holds color in the hair for a longer duration along with extending the colors life.

Deep Conditions - Leave hair shiny and in super condition by moisturizing the hair and scalp with a deep conditioner treatment.


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Full Directions

Process color the way you normally would to give you the benefits of TCA. Eliminates fadeout provides better gray coverage on resistant heads and leaves hair in great condition. After applying color with TCA drops added, cover the hair with a plastic cap (no holes) to cut the processing time in half using BODY HEAT. After applying color with TCA drops added, punch 16 holes into a plastic cap with a tail comb, apply cap and place client under a LOW HEAT dryer. Processing should be completed in 10-15 minutes. No need for heat during cool down period while refreshing ends.


2 oz / 60 ml add 10 drops * 3 oz / 90 ml add 13 drops

4 oz / 120 ml add 17 drops * 5 oz / 150 ml add 19 drops

6 oz / 180 ml add 22-25 drops

Additional Uses

Perm & Wave Services- TCA eliminates curl relaxation & super conditions for shiny and resilient curls.
Foils, Hi-Lifts & Lighteners– Add TCA to the neutralizing shampoo to condition and to avoid that mushy, hyper-elastic state.
Deep Conditioning Spa Treatment– For the best moisturizing conditioning pack, mix 20-25 drops with two ounces of conditioner & let the client sit under a low heat dryer for 10 minutes. The results are amazing!
Resistant Grays– TCA aids in gray coverage. For super resistant gray, add TCA with our Gray Oxidizing Drops (G.O.D.) to your formula. Use The Resistant Assistant (TRA) prior to color services for trouble spots.

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Customer reviews
Just as described. Love that it cutes the processing time and half! What a time saver and so worth the price if you dye your hair or others often. Not ideal for 1 or 2 use since bottle has many drops. Use as the label states...but to admit...i used an extra 3 drops haha. Would buy again and would recommend for others who also do their own hair as I do.
— Monica (Verified Customer)
Time is money, and you literally can process your colors so much faster with these drops. My clients notice when I run out of drops. They don’t want to sit here for longer. Get the drops and make everyone happy!
— Julia S. (Verified Customer)

Speeds Up Processes & Works With Everything

TCA Color Accelerator Drops can be used to cut processing times by half. Useful for time crunches or working with multiple clients. This hair lightener additive can also be used with any manufacturer's color/bleach.

Deep Conditioning & Eliminates Fade-Out

Our formula is made with the purest Jojoba oil, guarenteed to leave the hair shiny and in super condition. With its moisturizing ingredients, TCA will provide a deep conditioning treatment to both hair and scalp while providing longevity to hair color by extending the colors life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is TCA - The Color and Lightener Accelerator and what is it used for?

TCA is a product designed to speed up the processing time of hair color and lightener formulas, allowing for faster and more efficient color development. It can be used to enhance the performance of hair color and lightener products and improve overall color results.

How can TCA benefit me and my clients?

TCA can benefit both you and your clients by reducing the processing time of hair color and lightener formulas, which can save time and increase efficiency in the salon. This can lead to greater client satisfaction and increased revenue for your salon.

Can you use TCA with lightener?

Yes, TCA is lightener safe and can speed the process of lightening up. Along the side of the box will be measurements on how much you should mix.

Do I have to change my formula to use TCA?

No, you do not have to change your formula brand or the amount used in order to use TCA. It is simply a color additive.

Is TCA safe to use with heat?

Absolutely. In fact, using heat (foils, heat lamp, etc.) may cut processing time down even further depending how fast you need it done.

How do I use TCA in my hair color and lightener formulas?

To use TCA, simply add a small amount of the product to your hair color or lightener formula and mix thoroughly. The amount of TCA to add will depend on the hair type, desired level of color penetration, and the specific hair color or lightener brand being used.

Is TCA safe to use on all hair types?

TCA is generally safe to use on most hair types, but it is important to perform a patch test before using the product to identify any potential allergic reactions or skin sensitivities.

How does TCA affect the processing time of hair color and lightener formulas?

Adding TCA to hair color and lightener formulas can significantly reduce the processing time of the product. It is important to monitor the color development and processing time closely to achieve the desired results.

Can TCA be used with all hair color and lightener brands?

TCA can be used with most hair color and lightener brands, but it is important to check the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for usage to ensure compatibility.

Are there any precautions I should take when using TCA?

When using TCA, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for usage. It is also important to avoid getting the product in the eyes or mouth. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with water. Additionally, it is recommended to use gloves when handling the product to avoid skin irritation or sensitivities.