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6 Ways To Gain New Clients

WALKING BILLBOARDS: When you produce great quality hair, your clients become your biggest advertisement. There’s not much to explain if you put in the work, work will find you. Any compliments clients get on their hair is an opportunity for them to throw out your name and the salon. Its better when your client wants to cut their hair from a longer length to a mid-cut or even shorter. A drastic change draws people’s attention. Even better, if they want to keep their hair short they’ll come in every 3-4 weeks to keep the look. Not only will clients be a walking advertisement but will also be increasing business by themselves alone.




GOOD OL’ CARDS: Always carry a stack of updated business cards and pass them out any chance you get. Leave one at a restaurant with your tip or with anyone who might seem interested. Simply say, “Hi, my name is——-, I would love to do your hair. Here is my card and feel free to contact me.” You’ll be surprised on how many people reach out to you.




PROMOTIONS: Promotions are very effective when getting your clients to come back to the salon. It also gives others a chance to spread your work. One great deal is if your current client recommends the salon/hairdresser to someone new, they get 20% off their next purchase if the reference comes in.




SOCIAL MEDIA: In this day and age everything is online. Use this to your advantage; take pictures of your clients new hair color, trendy cut, or even yourself! Start a following and once people see your work many will start to get in contact with you.  We have the internet right at our finger tips so why not promote your name as well. Also, this opens the door to control the advertising right down to the age group of your choice.


WALK INS: The ones who are new to the salon can be the perfect way to get new clients. If you get their trust and they leave loving their hair, they will request you the next time they are in the salon. You can build a bond with them. Think about it as a child going into school for the first time. Usually the first friend they make they stick to. Plus, who doesn’t love making new friends?




Get Testimonials: Ask your current clients to give you a testimonial on Yelp or any other website where others can see reviews on you. This will help you in the long run. When they see your recommendations are good ones they will trust you better and book an appointment.





Don’t stress about gaining new clients. Do the best you can on the clients you already have and more will find you!

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Hair Stylist Guide: How To Stay On Time With Appointments

Mark Out Appointments Correctly: 

Be sure you know the amount of time it takes you to complete each service. Adding more time to appointments gives you room in the event you do happen to go over your usual time. For example: If you foil slow and the average mark-out for a full foil in your appointment book is 2 hours from start to finish, give yourself an extra half hour.

Expect The Unexpected:

When you’re with a new client, especially servicing a chemical make sure to add a half hour extra. This will eliminate high stress if there is an unexpected occurrence. With new clients you want to make sure you leave a good impression and they leave with their desired results. Giving yourself more time helps you to focus on them without stressing about falling behind. The last thing you want is your new client to feel rushed.

Know Your Client’s Service:

When booking appointments, there are 3 major things to ask your client in detail to decrease the chance of significantly running behind. 1) What kind of service are they looking for? 2) What is the length of their hair? 3) What is the thickness of their hair? Knowing the answers to these three questions will help to plan out each service.

Double Booking:

Many stylists use the technique of doubling booking (scheduling one client for a color and the other for a cut). This is a great way to increase the amount of services in your day . Next, try scheduling two clients for a color at the same time using a color or lighter accelerator to lower the processing time. Once you master either of these techniques time will finally be on your side.

Set Goals:

When you start out your day setting goals, it can help you stay on task and prevent falling behind. This can keep you focused and determined to get that certain service done. When using this tactic, it will speed up each service. You’ll become faster and better with time.

Use The Right tools:

The tools you use can also effect the time. Finding new and improved products that reduce the amount of time can determine between finishing as planned and being a couple of minutes behind. When coloring hair, try styling with a higher powered ceramic blow dryer or a more efficient stain remover. Always keep an eye out for upgraded and higher quality tools