TCS, The Color Stain Remover & Barrier

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The Color Stain Remover, TCS, is a technologically advanced all natural barrier cream used before applying hair color to protect the hairline from staining.  This dual-purpose formula can also be used afterwards to remove excess color from skin, clothing, equipment, work surfaces and color embedded in nail cuticles.

  • Use before coloring as a barrier to protect skin from staining. It will not block the color process.
  • After color, use a damp towel to remove excess color from skin, work surfaces and clothing
  • Gentle on the skin and scalp
  • Will not irritate skin


  • Shake well before each use.
  • Before Coloring:  Shake the TCS bottle before using. Apply TCS to a piece of cotton or towel and apply directly to the skin that you want to protect (hairline, scalp, facial hair).  If client has dry skin, apply twice.
  • After Coloring:  To remove color from clothing, apply TCS to damp towel, blot stain above and below fabric and then blot with a clean wet towel. For old stains on work stations and floors, spray directly on the stain and let sit overnight.  Next morning, wipe away with a wet cloth.

Profitable Tip:

Many men do not like to color their facial hair because of the stain hair color leaves behind. Apply TCS directly around and into the facial hair as well as the skin underneath. Process the color as usual for stain free result.

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1 review for TCS, The Color Stain Remover & Barrier

  1. Christine “HairLady” Wallace

    Best Color repeller and remover I have ever used. Wet the corner of a towel with warm water apply a few drops and rub onto the skin before coloring as a protectant and apply after to remove any color that may have been left on the hairline.

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