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POWERTOOLS is a innovative line of additives for professional hair color aimed to solve any problems you face in the salon. Color and chemical servicing becomes easier, cleaner and faster.  You will achieve better, long-lasting results and your clients will receive a more comfortable experience.  They will love you for it! Available at Cosmoprof and Professional Distributors Nationwide

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Hair Color Additives

  • Color Bar Essentials Set

    Color Bar Essentials Set

  • TCA New

    TCA, The Color N’ Lightener Accelerator Original Clear Formula With The Gold Cap

  • CFI, Color Filler Insurance

    CFI, Color Filler N’ Texture Insurance

  • Hair Color Lightener n' Thickener 2 oz.

    HLT, Hair Color ‘N’ Lightner Thickner

  • Color Out System (Pre-Pack)

    COS, The Original Color Out System Pre Pak

  • TRA, The Resistant Assistant

    TRA, The Original Resistant Assistant

  • TCS, The Color Stain Remover

    TCS, The Original Color Stain Remover & Barrier

  • STB, Stop the Burn

    STB, The Original Stop the Burn

  • PCS, Protector Conditioning Styling Aid

    PCS, The Original Color Protector, Conditioner, Styling Aid

  • Gray Oxidizing Drops 1 oz.

    GOD, The Original Gray Oxidizing Drops

  • CSL, Color Shade Lifter

    CSL, Color Shade Lifter

  • CBC, Color Balance Corrector

    CBC, The Original Color Balance Corrector

Curious about our what goes into our products? Download our Ingredient List