CBC, The Original Color Balance Corrector

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Color Balance Corrector, CBC, eliminates brassy, red or gold tones from yellow, white and gray hair. It tones down warm, red & gold tones on dark hair for a true ash effect. CBC can be used in shampoo, bleach or color mixture.

Sizes Available: 1 oz. & 4 oz.

Pro-Tip: Customize your client's at-home shampoo keeping warm & brass tones out between salon visits.

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Brett Sedgwick, Stafford Virginia - "Always loved CBC! I added a few drops to her lightener and toner to help eliminate any chance of brass."




Eliminates Tones - Will eliminate brazzy, red, or gold tones from yellow, white, and gray hair.

Tones Down - Will tone down warm, red & gold tones on dark hair for a true ash effect.

Works With Most Color Services - Can be used in bleach or other color mixtures.


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Full Directions

Tinting,Toning, and Bleaching: Add 1/4 of an ounce of CBC to your color or bleach mixture. Mix well and apply as usual. Please be aware that you are working with a direct dye blue pigment. When working with lightener single process colors, start off with 3-5 drops.

Shampooing: Use 3-5 drops of CBC in one pump of shampoo depending on porosity of hair.

Additional Uses

Use in At-home Shampoo - After the process, you may customize the clients at-home shampoo by adding CBC to it. This will keep the color in check.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

My hair color is very brassy after a color process. Will CBC help?

Yes, CBC will help eliminate brassy tones, along with red or gold tones from yellow, white and gray hair.

How can I be sure my hair won't become brassy?

You may add CBC into your color mixture or bleach to be sure no brass appears on your hair.

How should I take care of my hair after color correction?

Add a few drops of CBC into your shampoo for at-home correction if you have worries.

Customer reviews
Love the product ! Just a couple of drops in my shampoo gets the brassy tones out of my hair
— Charlotte (Verified Customer)
I use this product in hair color to keep the red out
— Cosmo (Verified Customer)