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I really love all my POWERTOOLS especially the newest
Bond Building 4Bond Kit and 4BOND N’ PLEX Shampoo
and Conditioner. They work great and are so easy to use!
Sandy Marinko, International Flair, Freehold, NJ

I love 4BOND N’ PLEX shampoo and conditioner. There Amazing!!
Sherri Olson, D’Tangled, Hermiston, Oregon

Morning Jeff, your 4Bond Bond Building Shampoo and Conditioner is the best I ever used. Could not believe the difference. Where can I buy in Bay Area?
Ursula Kauth – Buyer, SFRproducts/GlamAlley

Absolutely amazing results! 4BOND N’ PLEX Shampoo and Conditioner makes hair feel strong and youthful. We (down Under) give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A must for every Salon!
Marie Nieuwoudt – Manager and Educator at B’Me Hair Salon and Academy – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I tried the 2 New products this week and I’m in Love! The shampoo lathers using very little of the product and the conditioner leaves your hair feeling silky. I’m not one carry on about products but the New 4Bond shampoo and conditioner is defiantly a Winning Pair. The consistency and fragrance are just the beginning, the results you see immediately are the benefits. Thank you Dennis Bernard for such a great product!

This shampoo is an absolute life changer! We live in a world where almost everyone’s hair is either colored or chemically processed. To have a shampoo and conditioner that helps repair from the inside out is a miracle. You don’t have to sit in the salon for an hour for a treatment or do your everyday leave in conditioner. The more you use this product the better your hair feels. I am a product junkie, and every time I use this shampoo and conditioner I do not need to use a single product in my hair! My hair feels like butter and I also use this on my clients as well! Once you use this you will never go back to your regular shampoo. Thank you Dennis Bernard for making a fabulous product!

I used this shampoo several times and I have thick frizzy hair. It made my hair feel human again. Several people have commented how great it looks. It’s a winner

Absolutely Love this shampoo and conditioner. Each time I use it, My hair feels better and better. I could never let my hair dry naturally without it looking like I stuck my finger in the socket. After 3 shampoos- it was not frizzing and looked so shiny.
I need to buy a case of each… LOVE LOVE LOVE

Hi ya Dennis, this is Rita from England, I am American but immigrated to the UK 20 years ago. I called to ask a question about GOD drops today and spoke to a woman there who said “will you please email what you said to Dennis”? I said of course!!!
I used GOD drops before but I have a client with the MOST resistant gray hair in the world, she has been my client for about 15 years, as the years went by her hair got more coarse and of course more gray, So I thought man I really need to do something because nothing else has worked, so I used the GOD drops and turned her hair the most beautiful golden blonde ever, and she loved it, she is a very in your face client and will let you know if it is not perfect. Her hair is now so beautiful!!! When I went to blow dry her roots-regrowth, they seemed really soft and very unlike how it usually feels. They were so much easier to control.
So I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the GOD drops. BTW, I also use all of your other products and they too are amazing, I once spoke to you about selling your products but there are two people close to me that I can purchase from really easily. I am a very big fan. Thanks honey!!!!!! And thanks from my client too.
Rita Westley, Licensed Cosmetologist

I absolutely love TCA. I have been using it for years and wow the endless possibilities! TCA gives me control of my day! G.O.D. Wow no grey coverage issues anymore! STB, now even my sensitive clients are comfortable! I could go on and on!
Thank you!
Russell Romano, Whiting, Indiana

Just used the shampoo, really like it! But then again, why am I doing my hair today given the rain outside…which is where I am headed, outside, to my nephews graduation at Rutgers.
Sarah Joseph Russell Romano, Whiting, Indiana

I love stop the burn, I refuse to do chemical services without it!
Hilda Griffin

Andrea’s hair was permed. Since then she has had her hair highlighted and toned, all-over dimensional color and highlighted and toned again. She requested a perm beginning of August 2012. I had her take the Color Filler Insurance (CFI) home with her to use in her daily regimen along with her SmartSolutions Dual Crème Shampoo and Conditioner. Today when she came in we clarified her hair and then saturated with CFI and put under hood dryer and baked it in. I did a candlestick spiral perm wrap combined with a piggy back wrap. I used a Goldwell Definitions H2S Perm. Processed for 13 minutes under a VapoMaster Steamer. I allowed 8 minutes of “creep time” before applying the neutralizer fortified with 5 drops of TCA. When I brought her to the styling chair, I sprayed on PCS, applied SCS with Vitamin Oil and diffused dry 80%. Perm was rolled on purple and beige rods. Outstanding results!
Al Segro, Hairport, Lancaster, PA

Hi Dennis, Just wanted to let you know that your POWERTOOLS products are very beneficial to our students, educating them on the use of the products and how well the result can be to them and there quest in order to in prove their revenue and return clients. We love the TCA – THE COLOR ACCELERATOR being good for grey coverage and helping speed up the process, the shine is a great product for all textures of hair,TCS – STAINREMOVER and STB – STOP THE BURN help the early stage of students that are slow in their process. Thank you for allowing us to purchase your products we here at the Kennesaw location love the use of your products and will always make it a part of our product knowledge.
Leola Johnson, Empire School #1252

Hi Dennis, Maureen from Warminster Empire. I have been using POWERTOOLS for almost 5 years. I cant live with out my TRA- THE RESISTANT ASSISTANT! When it comes to covering grey and white hair POWERTOOLS does the job. When I do a product knowledge class I show the students your trick with the TCS-STAINREMOVER and a permanent marker. They cant believe how the stain comes off so easy. We are so hooked on STB-STOP THE BURN ……… there isn’t a relaxer put on a guest that doesn’t have some in the bowl. I think POWERTOOLS are a great asset to the salon/school, they are simple to use and the results are always predictable.
Maureen Hutchison, Empire School # 2408

I went to the ISSE show in Long Beach, CA and bought a small bottle of GOD to try and I am impressed! I would like to buy a bigger bottle and more.
Keady Perkins, CA

Forwarded through our Ireland Distributor.

Dee Said Hello. xoxo
She had a customer with broken bleached hair,coming out in clumps. She applied loads of AVO and then coloured with AVO/TCA/CBC and no problem. Hair was restored and client delighted!

One of my favorite things to do in this business is hair color. I trained with a platform artist from Redken for two years in color theory. I really developed a strong bond with color. Things like application, timing, treatments, and the overall condition of the hair after receiving color intrigued me. I started using TCA, The Color Accelerator about two years ago. When I discovered TCA my mind went crazy. I couldn’t believe I could do up to 4 colors in the time it took me to do one. Not only was the 10 minute processing time impressive, the hair itself was totally smooth and shinny after receiving the color or bleach service. I was instantly addicted. I have also been using TCA in conjunction with other Powertools products. The Powertools line is great and I’m still learning more about all the different things they can do. TCA and Powertools truly are a colorist’s best friend!
Emily Welton

Forwarded through our Ireland Distributor. I think Paul Fleming
likes all our products!
Tony Diamond, Director

Just a quick note to give you some feedback on how we got on with PowerTools over Christmas. Paula has been won over, TCA and PowerTools have become essential tools in the salon and given us the opportunity to market colour to existing and more importantly new clients in a new and unique way.

Paula was blown away with the results in terms of coverage, speed and the resultant condition of the hair afterwards. The Clients Love It!!!

I’ve now been introducing a product from the range to the salon every 2 weeks and currently we are using TCA on about 80% of our colour clients, we are also using the Resistant Assistant, the Stain Remover and CBC blue drops to great effect. In the 2 weeks to Christmas we sold 14 bottles of CBC to Clients purely because Rosie and Barbara who are both blonde used it and loved it. I’ve now started all the stylists using PCS on every blow-dry and I’ll give you feedback when I get it. The key for us with PowerTools was that Eureka moment with Paula who as you know has been conditioned a certain way on colour development over the last 25 years.

We also tried the sulphate free shampoo from the Smart Solutions range and that went down very well. I’ll need you to do a session with the girls on the Smart Solutions range so give me a shout when we can pencil that in.

Interestingly enough, because we have had so much success in the salon with the products I’ve been recommending them to all my distribution clients and they are more willing to try them out because I can stand over them personally. I’ve been using Paula as a contact for other salon and stylists using TCA and they respond very well to the feedback from a fellow stylist.

I’m now leading into new prospects with PowerTools and that’s working out very well. It’s very liberating from a sales point of view to have a unique set of products you can offer to every salon regardless of the product set they’re already using. I’m finding salons are attracted by the fact that they can take late colour appointments and those salons I deal with in shopping centres can offer lunchtime colour.

Look, sorry for the novel above, but you’ve got big fans of TCA and PowerTools here. Look forward to doing good business in 2011 with this.
Paul Fleming

Angelica- thank you so much for all of your help…you went above and beyond my expectations. Please thank Mark for me also. You have done a lot of extra work to ensure my satisfaction. Thanks again!

I’ve been using your TCA Color Acceleration Drops for years and
am in LOVE. They MAKE my colour business, and I can’t do without them.
Joy Preston, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have been using TCA for about a year now and I absolutely love it!
Taps Hair Design, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Hi Dennis- I want to thank you for making TCS. I bought a new $250 comforter for my bed . I was coloring my hair at home and got Wella hair color on the comforter ( the first time I had it on the bed). I used TCS on it and it came right out. I have used this product so many times to save clothing also. I only wish I would have found it years ago, to think how much $$s I could have saved !!

Hi…I want to tell you that I love the tca product, I’m able to get more appointments in and out in a day…TCA is amazing speeding up my color processing. The problem I have is our distributor is always out of stock. Can I buy Direct or you suggest other avenues of purchase? Thank you, Carol Gross, Canada

Thanks for you kind words. We do not sell Direct. We suggest buying our larger 4 oz bottle and extra backup. Click here for other distributors in your country who stock our bands

I actually got to put the foil comb to work today! Have to say “I LOVE IT” made the weave so much easier and was amazed at the amount of time it saved me getting all the foils in. About an hour, not bad for only being in school now five months.
Sha Sawers, Twin Falls, Idaho

I received the sample of TCA in the mail and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!
Katherine Roach, Kat’s Hair, Alvarado, Tx

I would like to say that I love TCA accelerator. I’ve used it with my
hair color products and love the results: lasting color, & penetrates resistant gray… not to forgetting to mention how quickly the color processes. I can’t wait to order the nine item Bag Deal as well as ordering the foiling comb.
Kathy Nichols, Visible Difference Salon, Wenatchee, WA

I wanted to say that I am truly loving your product. Somehow it is even making the color look better. I am loving it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this awesome TCA product! Jessica M. Jessop, Salt Lake City, Utah

I purchased the speed weaver comb today and just wanted to say OH MY! I love it! I’m already hooked on the speed and ease after thirteen years of weaving I really don’t mind a nice surprise. On another note, I wanted to thank you for the trust I have been able to place in your company. I’ve also been using The Color Accelerator for the last seven years and never has there been a moment I’ve regretted taking that leap of faith. Kristianna Blackwell.

Dennis, I just received a call from a customer that tried TCA two weeks ago – he LOVES it! He asked me if he could get an IV hooked up!!! Thought I’d share another success story.
Jen Symon, Emiliani Beauty Company, NJ, Territory Sales Rep.

As Seen In Haircolor & Design Magazine

Renowned chemist Frauke Neuser, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Proctor and Gamble, Hair Care division findings include, “Like all chemical reactions, color formulation can be accelerated by adding energy to the system-the simplest being heat…it is reassuring to know that most professional hair colors are stable up to about 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that no one will want to use on a client at any rate.”

I’m a stylist/booth renter. I have tried your TCA and TCA2 and I love them! TCA has cut my timing in half.
Kitty, Houston, Texas

Joe, I attended your class in San Antonio, hosted by Armstrong McCall, Oct. 7 & 8, I would like the Title of the book you co-authored, and where to order it. I applaud you and your class, I tried to attend as many as I could, however yours was the only one of real substance. At times I become discouraged, that I purchase a ticket for education, and find myself pressed on all sides to buy products, and the education is brushed over lightly, and the platform or guest artists are contradictory in there presentation. Your class was the first in about 7 years where I found myself learning and motivated. Thank you, (Class was taught by our Educational Director Joe Santy)
Tobi St John, tobistj@gmail.com

Hi guys, It’s me, Sabrina Matlock of Salon Sabrina. Great to see you at the West Coast beauty show in San Jose, CA. As usual you were very friendly and enthusiastic about your products-and for good reason, they work great. I have been using TCA for years. But when I first started it, I gave my clients the option, (for an additional charge up to $50.00) to try this “revolutionary new color additive that will improve the condition of their hair, make their color richer, last longer and get serviced in half the time” Once they tried it and realized they could have excellent color results and quality service that respected their busy schedules, they were hooked!! My clients think I am a color genius, but I give the credit to TCA. Now all my color services include TCA for the new premium price. Thanks to Dennis B. and TCA I have been able to expand my color business in less time. I will continue to be a loyal TCA user and wholeheartedly recommend your products to any salon professional who wants to upgrade their service and income. Thanks again guys, see you at the next show…
Sabrina Matlock, salonsabrinaonline.com

We recommend TCS, Stain Remover to all of our clients. We are distributor’s of L’OREAL – WELLA – GOLDWELL – SCHWARZKOPF – INDOLA and more. We are Master distributor of SCRUPLES MiN . In our starter kits of MiN we have TCS included. Our experience is that TCS fulfills our expectation much more than others. MiN Color is developing in 3-5 Minutes and is formulated with pigments who can stain on the scalp. The manufacturer warns this. With using TCS before as a protection and after the color service for cleaning we don’t have this problem. TCS is for us, our clients and there consumers the best. A really Smart Solution and Power Tool. Thank you Dennis for formulating this product.
Hans J. M. Lorje, PoloCosmetics.com, Almelo, The Netherlands

Hello Dennis, I am sorry I missed seeing you last week at the Premiere Orlando show. When I am visiting salons, I am always telling people how excited we were to meet you. Recently I was describing you as the person that invented the stuff you use to accelerate color treatment. They automatically say TCA drops! Everyone we talk with says “yours is the best” Kudos to you!

I purchased PCS – Protector, Conditioner, Styling Aid for normal and color treated hair – from my favorite hairdresser in Texas. I live in Sequim WA and would like to purchase some locally. Can you provide a retailer in my area (zip code 98382) I Love the product and don’t want to have to ask my TX friend to mail the product to me.
Carol Ballenger, Sequim WA

Just wanted you to know that I tried your products with GOLDWELL color and MATRIX COLOR GRAPHICS for the first time and loved them. The TCA is great. I guess I didn’t realize there was no chemicals in it or I would have tried it on my clients sooner. I waited to use it on my mom. I have to say just the conditioning alone will make me use it on everyone.
Jennifer Kaus-Owens

We were amazed when we used 20 TCA drops with MATRIX LOGICS color and took our super resistant client with 100% grey, using 8NN, 20V COLOR GENERATOR to a perfect color process. I poked 15 holes in my plastic cap and pre-warmed a low heat dryer. The results were 100% grey coverage with great condition and amazing shine! I have also discovered doubling the TCA drops gives best results with 100% coarse grey hair. Using TCA as a “Power Tool” makes my color products work better and my job much easier!

Hello, I get my hair colored with FAROUK CHI IONIC, REDKEN and began using your PCS:30 product months ago, and absolutely swear by it! Not only does this product completely prevent my golden blond colored hair from fading, or turning brassy, it has single handedly protected my hair from the major damage that my prior colorist induced upon my hair and scalp. Stylists, among others are absolutely amazed how soft and undamaged (if that makes sense) my hair has remained and I always have to endorse your amazing product. I’m not kidding you I have hooked at least 50 people! I actually just got on your website to try to order more PCS, and I saw your testimonial link and just had to thank you and praise the genius of this product. Additionally, to anyone who needs a great hair protecting styling aid, with no doubt, this is the miracle product!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Amber G, The Hair Place, Gallup, NM

Thank You for TCA. I never perform any chemical services without it. My reds do not fade! My perms are consistently perfect! I even use TCA in my
steam-producing flat iron! I fill the steam cup with straight TCA then straighten the hair. Hair comes out silky-smooth every single time. I tell every stylist I come in contact with about your awesome products–even giving away bottles from my own guarded supply. I admit I am addicted to TCA! My in-house esthetician says I’m like a drug dealer–pushing TCA (she can say that because she’s my daughter) I am more than anxious to order the bag deal on your new products–as soon as they are available in northern CA. Thanks again!
Tammy Voss, Divaz Salon & MediSpa, World International competition winner in the beauty industry.


I put a few drops of TCA in my WELLA COLOR CHARM liquids, it enhances every color I do, plus it speeds up the color time. I can’t survive without it!
Jeannie Smith’Ball, Mane Event Hair Studio, San Rafael, CA

While at the show in Baltimore, I fell in love with your Speed Weaver. I purchased a pack of 3 for $20.00. While doing this I was discussing the new TCA2 and was also very impressed that I purchased 4 bottles. I have and still love using TCA with PAUL MITCHELL, THE COLOR-BLEACH, and not only do you have great products, but also wonderful customer service.
Deby Kirchner, CoCopelli Salon, Baltimore, Maryland

TCA, Where have you been all my life? I Love You! I have been a cosmetologist & salon owner for almost 40 years. I am involved in the beauty industry as a member of the state association, attending national shows and conventions, demonstrating for hair fashion committees and having been a consultant for a major color company, has put a lot of experience under my belt. Still after all these years, I believe in keeping up with the fashion changes and new innovative products, thats, what keeps me loving what I do. So when a colleague told me about the product, I had to see it to believe it! I had to try it myself with MATRIX SOCOLOR, SYNC, COLOR GRAPHICS, WELLA,CLAIROL, LOREAL! Number one, it has changed my work day to the better, appointment scheduling is more efficient, when the old processing time usually would be 45 minutes (maximum timing, when lifting or depositing/color). This gets the job done in 4 to 10 minutes Wow! The integrity of the hair is important to me. I can trust the product to leave the hair in excellent condition. In today’s world, time is what people want more of, and TCA helps us get more of it. With TCA and “PowerTools” it’s my goal to make happy and satisfied clients. Using TCA in my colors with new scheduling time enables me to stay with my client through the whole appointment service, making her feel special by not having to share her time with me and other clients service, while she is setting and processing for 45 minutes, as in the old way. Being satisfied with beautiful, healthy hair, makes us both happy.
Ruth Swanson, Town & Country Salon, Unity, ME

My clients are amazed at the short amount of time it takes me to color their hair. I purchased a bottle of TCA and tried it right away with MATRIX SO COLOR, and FASHION FROST. IT IS FANTASTIC! So few drops are used, the bottle lasts a long time. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Chris Balgemann, Marsha’s Hair Fashion, Babson Park, FL

We use L’OREAL PROFESSIONELLE color and the Stop the Burn – really works. We have clients that really find it quite painful to get their global lightening done and with the addition of this product they didn’t even blink. No discomfort at all. We experimented on a staff member with a higher volume developer than you are ‘supposed to use’- and she had no discomfort at all either. Very impressive. It works well with global use of MAJIBLOND as well. The Color Stain Remover works well too. It has worked well on fresh color stains in clothing. It’s fragrance is more pleasant than products we have used before. The PCS spray – for preventing color from fading out feels good in the hair after a color. It is hard however to see how it works on a one time only situation on a client, so I have brought it home and am starting to use it on my own hair to get a better idea of how it works. So far I really like it. I like that it is so light so it doesn’t weigh down the hair.
Fiona Johnston, The Cutting Room Hair Design, Technical Dept, Nanaimo, BC Canada

What an amazing product “TCA” is. I Love it! I’m now able to control my products including WELLA, ALFA PARF, GOLDWELL, FRAMESI, CLAIROL, REDKEN, L’OREAL, FAROUK and not have their package timing control my bookings. With “TCA” The Color Accelerator, I can choose to do fast color, slow color and medium speed color all without fadeout, hair condition is spectacular without being forced to buy every new product introduced. I save money and have customers coming back happy, demanding “don’t forget those drops”
Dani Hamani, Hair Spa, Los Angeles, CA

I have to say I was very skeptical at first. But after using “TCA” The Color Accelerator a few times, I was very impressed. By using “TCA” I have doubled my cliental. Not only can I take twice as many chemical clients in a day, but once the word got out that I had clients in and out of the salon in less then an hour for a color, I started taking on many new clients that wanted the 10 minute color. I have actually doubled my income in the past couple of years. My clients and I are also very pleased with the look feel and conditions of the hair, not to mention much better gray coverage. “TCA” definitely is the best decision I have made to build my business by far.
Michele Roberts, The Unlimited Salon By Michelle, Utica, NY

I have been in the hair industry for thirty years. I have yet to see a product with this quality, “TCA” The Color Accelerator is awesome and amazing. Its a seasoned product. I use FRAMESI hair color, add those drops and it processes in a more efficient time. “TCA” is definitely revolutionary. I have worked with all professional products and “TCA” is the greatest by all standards. “TCA” leaves the hair vibrant, shiny and in excellent condition. “TCA” is a winner!
Jay Luciano, Cheveux Hair Design, Vineland, NJ

I use “TCA” The Color Accelerator with CHI BLEACH, WELLA MIDWAY, CLAIROL and FRAMESI daily in my salon. I find that “TCA” is the most inexpensive way to increase my income. With an average cost of .37 cents per application, I can make an extra $40.00 on a “fit in” color. I can do two color services in the time it used to take one. Thanks for a great product!
Jeanne Tarnowski, Spectrum Salon, 315 Cabot St. Beverly, MA 01915

The number one concern I get from my clients is color fadeout. After using “TCA” and “POWER TOOLS” with my L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL color line, I have noticed a huge difference in not only the fading but also the condition of the hair. I feel strongly that the “POWER TOOLS” products can be a great asset to any salon.
Jerry Valle, Salon Verve artistic team

“TCA” the Color Accelerator brings you one step closer FASTER! My favorite product is COLOR-OUT. As one of the key elements for a color corrective service. COLOR-OUT removes unwanted pigment, to help reach your desired shade. If you haven’t used it, try it!
Lisa Mediati, Salon Verve artistic team, 2005 Canadian Newcomer Hairstylist.

STB – STOP THE BURN is exactly what it claims. I am a master colorist truly impressed with Dennis Bernard’s product STB, because it cares to my most sensitive clients scalp, allowing me to achieve optimal results with L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL hair color and bleaching. Another reason I recommend this product is for the conditioning factor for the hair as well as protecting the scalp from chemical processing. Thumbs up for STB!
Heather Wenman, Heather Wenman Academy, London, Ontario, 2005 Elite Master & Texture hairstylist of the year.

“As a salon owner, stylist and technician, I always try to get ahead with creativity and progression of style. The new “POWER TOOLS,” FOR PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOR has allowed me to achieve the results I need with accuracy and better time management. For faster positive color processing I use “TCA” The Color Accelerator to advance my L’OREAL proffesional color products. My favorite product in the line is the TCA2 which provides quicker hair color coverage on super resistant and un-pigmented hair. As the artistic director for a leading salon in Canada I must always be at the forefront of fashion and business. This is definitely a product that is happening and must be considered as a hot new tool for future stylist and technicians. The salon Verve team has had the opportunity to try this product first hand, and we will not be without it! Thank you again for a great product!
Lenny Ferri, Salon Verve, Owner / artistic director, Ontario 2005 Hairstylist Of The Year

I would like to thank you for your “Power Tools” collection. Especially “TCA” The Color Accelerator. I am a teacher at Pierre’s school of cosmetology in Portland, Maine, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have the “TCA” product in our school. It has made both mine and my students jobs doing color and chemical services so much easier and faster. Now instead of asking students all day what they are doing when standing around, and there reply being “waiting for them to process”. They now can process fast and move onto other servicing and learning. “TCA” works great with our REDKEN COLORS especially our hard to hold red. Clients are happy that they are not sitting around all day and love the fast processing. They also love that there color is no longer fading out. I love your “Power Tools” collection and cant wait for them to become a part of our school chain curriculum. Thanks so much!
Danielle Iacono, Pierres School of Cosmetology, Portland, ME

I have been a Hairdresser for 29 years and you know as well as I do that you cannot do anything to speed up the processing of color unless you want bad results, until TCA, The Color Accelerator. I will be the first to tell you that I did not and could not believe it would work, or that there was such a creature. I still felt very skeptical that the product would perform, because hair color for my 29 years of experience has to process at an optimum time frame in order to break down the cuticle of the hair so the color will deposit,,,,,,I thought!!!!!!! TCA The Color Accelerator is the miracle of the 21st Century in the Hairdressing Industry. I just flat smooth love it with MATRIX LOGICS and V-LITES. I love the fast processing time, I love the way the hair feels after, and I love having such an innovative tool to offer to my clients.
Angie Howanietz, Angie’s Hair Design, Cabot, AR

Working in a fast paced, upscale salon, I depend on TCA daily. TCA has dramatically increased the number of clients that I can accommodate. The speed of the product allows me to spend more time educating my clients and building my business. In my salon, I use TCA with Redken Color Gels, Color Fusion and Wella’s Blonder Lightener. The color is more vibrant and lasts longer which gives my client the quality they deserve. In this business word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. When I give my clients the quality products and services they deserve, they tell family and friends and my business increases. With all the products on the market today I am Proud to say that TCA is one I can depend on. TCA will forever be a part of my color formulations!
Bethanne Ochsenhirt, Jack and Jeans Hair designs Inc., Volusia mall Daytona Beach, FL

I love all your products especially TCA, The Color Accelerator. Your products work well with WELLA, CLAIROL, and REDKEN. My customers appreciate the time saved!
Alberta Esposito, VIP Hair Studio, Schaumberg, IL

About three months ago, I encountered a dedicated customer whose son had recently passed away. Coincidentally, after the tragedy, it became seemingly impossible to color her hair due to the increasing sensitivity of her scalp. Around the same time, this customer received an invitation from her son’s softball team inviting her to a banquet. At the event, she would be asked to accept an honorary reward on behalf of her deceased son. Naturally, this woman wanted to look her best, so it became increasingly imperative that I find a way to dye her hair. No matter what I tried, I reached dead ends. Finally, I added the TCA drops to her REDKEN color formula, applied it to her hair and placed her under the dryer for ten minutes. The end result was phenomenal, as she voluntarily professes to many of her friends: her hair actually held the color. Not only did the product enhance our abilities as a salon, but the satisfaction I was able to reward her with enhanced her looks and gave her a positive feeling at a time of such distress. I thank you for the distribution of such a successful product, for the results it produced greatly benefited all parties involved.
Debralee Peltzer, Parkwood Hairstyling, Philadelphia, PA

TCA, The Color Accelerator has become a huge star in my salon! Our favorite use is foiling lowlights with highlights, because TCA brings the processing times for color and lightener right in line. Clients are amazed at the wonderful results they receive in only 10 or 15 minutes with FRAMESI FUTURA, FAROUK BIO GLITZ & SUN GLITZ, MATRIX COLOR GRAPHICS. We are so thankful for TCA because of the flexibility we achieve in foiling. And the testimonials we have read are true – we are especially happy with the reds when we use TCA with FRAMESI – the color does not fade! And surprisingly, we have not experienced any color “grabbing” with FAROUK as I had expected (FAROUK has very pigmented color bases). I’m very pleased with your product.
Denise Young, Great Beginnings Hair Boutique, Presque Isle, ME

Being the business owner of a small but busy salon, I have to cut corners every way possible. Using TCA The Color Accelerator drops with REDKEN COLOR FUSION, SHADES EQ, and BLONDE DIMENSIONS has enabled me to triple my money and save time. I am able to do lunch time color clients as well as working moms who need to get home to their children quickly. Once I accidently received TCA2, I started to send it back and then decided to try it. The result was long lasting color with excellent grey coverage. I did not tell clients that I had used this. But when the service was finished, they told me that they could tell something had changed with my color and loved it! This is the first time I have used a product that delivered every thing it said it would. Thank you for developing a product that not only accelerated my color time and business, but, also, my bank account! I have been in this business for over 26 years, and I couldn’t live without it!
Darlene Johnson, Shear Designs, Piedmont, S.C.

Hi Dennis Bernard, I was at the hair show and saw you but you had such a crowd around you that I thought Id email instead. I’m not the little sixteen year old you hired any longer being in my mid thirties — the years are going fast now. I wanted to congratulate you on your success with your products and remind you that it was impossible to color hair so fast, LOLL kidding. I remember going to the schools with you and teaching the Power Tool and the teacher’s laughing and thinking you were crazy. I guess your the one laughing now with the TCA product such a hit. Please say hi to your brother Jeff, he will remember me as the cute one you rotated around Nutley, Newark, Union, Hillside and Belleville.
Laura (Susan) Triano, Bangz Salon, Montclair, NJ

I’d color the world if I had more time! No one should be without TCA! Using TCA allows me more time for additional color services. The clients love it, their hair color doesn’t fade and the condition of their hair is more lustrous.
Pattie Sopko, Decade Hair Designs, West Newton, PA

What if, you could cut your work day in half, make more money, and keep your sanity…well most of your sanity? The Color Accelerator line is designed to allow you to do just that. As hair artists we pride ourselves on being professionals. We dress for success, speak in an educated manner, and provide professional services in an effective and timely fashion. Our whole goal is to make our communities beautiful, enough to turn heads and cause others to ponder “Who does her hair?” so that we get more referrals and eventually make so much money that we can’t stand ourselves…Right? So, when Crazy Sally comes in with gray resistant roots and orange hair because her red faded, and she is expecting to spend an hour to an hour and a half telling you about who slept with whom in her family. You can know without a doubt that it will only take half that time and the red will penetrate the gray and fade out will be less severe. She won’t have time to tell you about certain details of her life, like that nasty rash on her husband George’s inner thigh, that he can’t stop scratching, because her service will be over and she will be out the door before she ever has time to change the subject. So, add TCA drops to your next color or bleach service and let Crazy Sally get a pedicure with her extra time, leaving Dana the nail tech to hear all about Sally’s crazy family details. This will leave you “The Professional”, who just mad eighty five bucks in under an hour with your sanity intact.
April W Roberts, Dee Charles Salon & Spa, Pacolet Mills, SC

TCA The Color Accelator has shortened all color and bleach processing times with JOICO, CLAIROL, MATRIX, REDKEN and PAUL MITCHELL to allow adding clients to the days appointment schedule. Colors stay true longer with added shine.
Nola K. Blake, Nola’s Chair, Saddlebrooke, AZ

I have been to your website www.DennisBernard.com and was amazed learning of the many uses of “TCA” THE COLOR ACCELERATOR additive drops. I first learned about “TCA” years ago, when like myself, hairdressers only knew of one way to process color/bleach…slowly. Following your companys lead the color manufacturers have switched direction and are now introducing many new color/bleach lines that include fast servicing, much with clutter and at a great expense to hairdressers and salon owners like myself. I would like to share my testimonial that adding “TCA” additive drops to all my NEW, FAST COLOR/BLEACH LINES, helps hold my new fast color’s longer, virtually eliminating color fadeout, (even reds) while super-silky conditioning the hair, making for extreme happy customers returning.
Dolores Sindelar, Julie Sommers, Golden Mirror Salon, Garrettsville, OH

Thank g-d for this stuff!!! started in the beauty industry only a year ago, and since I started using TCA in just a short year it brought me to the top of the salon as one of the top stylists! Our salon carries Matrix SoColor which takes 45 mins. to process by cutting that in half using TCA, I am able to get my clients in and out faster, and their hair is feeling better then ever!
Kendra Runnals, Salon Sophia, Hampstead NH

Thank you for “TCA” The Color Accelerator. Your amazing product works with all my ARTEC ENAMELS, KEUNE COLOR, SOCOLOR BLEACH, and ALTERNA PERMS. “TCA” cuts my processing time and gives me options to make more money in less time. I use “TCA” to convert my double processing to half the time, spa conditioning treatments and now in my perm neutralizer to stop relaxation and super condition. “TCA” is truly a “POWER TOOL” that eliminates fade out, super conditions and allows me options with my processing. If a position becomes available, please consider me as I would love to help spread the word to my counterparts.
Victoria Boyles, The Gallery Salon & Day Spa, Jacksonville, FL

I used “TCA” The Color Accelerator with GOLDWELL and processed hair in 10 min. The hair was AWESOME. I also used “TCA” with QUICK WHITE and processed the hair in 18 minutes. The color was perfect. I’ve told my instructors and everyone about my miracle worker. Thanks for making it easy for me, I know I’ll make lots of money using your product.
Debbie Umfleet, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I love your TCS Stainremover!
Beth Minardi, Minardi NYC, NY

Thank you so much for developing the “TCA” The Color Accelerator. “TCA” is the best product in our salon. We use “TCA” very religiously with every GOLDWELL color service. “TCA” cuts time in half, and moves clients so fast! We can fit more clients in per day, which we know equals more money!! My boss absolutely loves “TCA” product as well. She raves about it whenever anyone ask’s, what it is she is “dripping” into their solution? We find it to be inexpensive, and well worth the price!
Jen Litzelman, Barb VanHorn Salon, Allenwood, PA

I tried “TCA” with Schwarzkopf bleach, it was fantastic. Especially for my men customers. Men love “TCA” because they are always in a hurry. I even charge more using “TCA”.
Fadi, Fad’is Beauty & Barber Shop, London Ontario, Canada

We use GOLDWELL products: Benefit #1 swingy, sexy, shiny hair. Benefit #2 customers are actually thankful that they don’t have to wait so long for their color to process. Thanks for a great product that’s easy to squeeze!
Jan Tretter – State Street Salon, Emmaus, PA

I love, love, love, “TCA” with MATRIX SOCOLOR and wouldn’t ever want to be without it. “TCA” saves so much time with complete grey coverage. Amazing product!
Melinda Wolfe, Mirror Image Family Salon, Quakertown, PA

I would like to thank you for coming up with the best product in the color world. I just started my salon in May and “TCA” Accelerator is the best thing that I purchased. It is much easier to do color services using JOICO VERO COLOR and VEROLIGHT BLEACH and a whole lot faster. The color stays really nice too, not to mention reds stay in alot longer than normal. I could not live without my “TCA” Accelerator.
Lori Shuman, Lori’s Shear Magic, Dover, PA

I have been using TCA accelerator for about 2 years with MATRIX SO COLOR, COLOR SYNC, and COLOR GRAPHICS….I love it “TCA” really helps speed the process and gets great grey coverage. My clients love it to…they ask “did you remember to add my drops?” They don’t have to be in the salon as long and I can get more customers into my work day…which means MORE MONEY in my pocket! Keep the products coming!!
Barb VanHorn Salon, Allenwood Pa

I love this product, and just wanted to say that me personally working as a colorist and being introduced to TCA allows me to do so much more with my day. It has cut my processing time by 75% and keeps all my colors EVEN reds brighter, longer. It’s added busy moms who don’t have all day to spend in a salon a chance for a quick long lasting vibrant color. It’s so affordable and has tripled my profits. With no other special system required it works with Redken EQ or any products I’m comfortable using. The easy directions are with every bottle, and once you see how amazing the results are this is one product that speaks for its self. I can’t thank you enough for all the success TCA has brought me.
Alisha Miller, Ciao Hair Designers, Schenectady, NY

I am an avid user of TCA with FRAMESI, SOCOLOR, ISO COLOR, REDKEN SHADES, CLAIROL KALEIDOCOLOR BLEACH and other brands. TCA has increased my revenue by enabling me to service more clients per day. My clients love TCA because they are able to get in and out quickly. Eighty percent of my clientele is color services. So thank you so much for such a wonderful product.
Lisa Price, Franklin, NC

My experience with the Dennis Bernard product, TCA, has been a great one. I use the product faithfully with all my permanent coloring procedures. It has cut down on processing time and the time my clients have to spend in the salon. I have used TCA with product names such as MISS CLAIROL, LOREAL, SOCOLOR, VIOLA, FRAMESI, WELLITE BLEACH, DUDLEY BEAUTIFUL BROWNS, VERACOLOR, ICE, COLOR CHARM, and just about any color line there is available. I have never had a problem with your product and it really does what it says it will. I will continue to use TCA and tell all my professional stylists associates about it.
Tanya Benson-Jones, Laverne’s Beauty Center, VA

I have been a hairdresser since 1974, do the math! I consider myself an expert colorist. I have been to many color classes over the years, and have used almost every color product and tool available. I’ll tell you now, nothing compares to TCA The Color Accelerator. I can book myself three color clients within half hour increments, including cuts using TCA. I use it with CLARIOL’S GRAY BUSTER series with perfect coverage, I use it with LOREAL MARIJIBLONDES, and my blondes are more toned and yet translucent and clean. With REDKEN COLOR GELS or INFUSIONS, my colors are true and shimmering. Using TCA with LOGICS and LOGICS ATTITUDES, the drops helps the color to deposit quickly and the demi-perm colors are longlasting. Bleach is faster, with improved conditioning. Talk about saving time and making more money, the accelerator drops and a low warm dryer are any colorist’s best friend. I always finish with the Smart Solutions PCS 30, for sealing in the color and allowing the hair to dry 30 times faster. Smart, efficient, improved hair condition, and with color that doesn’t fade as fast, TCA is the product that works. Thank you, Sincerely, DEBRA BECKER, DERRY, NH 03038

I just tried the TCA and I am hooked. I am telling all my stylist friends about it. It is truly a miracle. Kimberly Free, Kimberly’s Salon-Jackson, MS

AS SEEN IN MODERN SALON: “I was very skeptical at first but now use “TCA” on every color service. “TCA” leaves hair in better condition and shinny. Reds are more red and the blondes brighter. I have definitely gotten new clients with the buzz around town on “TCA” product.”
Jet Rhys Salon, San Diego, Ca.

AS SEEN IN AMERICAN SALON: “I use “TCA” not only to accelerate the color process, but also as a conditioning agent. For a conditioning spa treatment, I’ll mix 20 -25 drops “TCA” with two ounces of conditioner, and let the client sit under the dryer with a damp towel for 10 to 25 minutes. I see tremendous results using “TCA.”
Richard Cardone, Hairdesigners & Color Specialists, Pittsburgh, Pa.

AS SEEN IN HAIR COLOR & DESIGN: I must admit I was quite a skeptic. I was always taught that you need to process color from 30 to 45 minutes for best results. Using a warm preheated dryer the grey was covered in 15 minutes. On a high-lift blonde formula that normally processed in 50 minutes, was done in 15. It was spectacular. Since then “TCA” is a regular part of my color formulas.”
Colleen Hennessey, Senior Technical Editor

AS SEEN IN MODERN SALON: “I have clients come in asking for the “15 minute” color. It’s great that I can do single process and highlighting at the same time using “TCA”
Robin Giovannantonio, Hair Cuttery Salons

AS SEEN IN SALON MAGAZINE – CANADA: “Clients love “TCA”. It cuts down processing time to one-third of the regular time which means I can increase the amount of clients booked and my bottom line.”
Rocco Campanaro, 2004 Canadian Hairstylist & Master Hairstylist of the year –
Dame Academy & Axcess Salon – Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada

AS SEEN IN MODERN SALON: “I charge an extra $5.00 when using “TCA”. I use “TCA” on clients who show up late. It brings a 30 minute processing time down to 10 minutes. It adds shine, prevents fading and is great for stubborn grey hair.” Joanne Nitterour, Attitudes Hair Studio, Langhorne, Pa

AS SEEN IN AMERICAN SALON: “TCA” is truly a versatile product. It can be used as a detangler or cutting lotion. I always let my clients know that “TCA” makes a great leave in conditioner. We also use the “TCA” for chemical processes making the chemical service more effective by bringing the pH down while closing the cuticle.” Lori Lopez, Wild Orchards – The Salon, Anitoch, Ca

I use TCA and love it.
Irene, Hair Studio One

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for developing the “Power Tools” products. Like The Speed Weaver which is a masters tool and has cut my weaving time in half, I find I love them all! The TCS-Stainremover, not only can be used as a protector-color blocker, but also removes color from skin and from clothing as you advertise with no mess or bleach smell. TCA-Accelerator used with Kaliedacolors Blue (Clairol) and 20 vol creme developer by Salon Care helped lift a level 3-4 to a level 9 in less then 10 minutes (with heat). The color received was a beautiful blonde with no toner needed and no yellow or brassy tones! I also use TCA with Redken Colors, (Gels, Fusion, Shades EQ) and have increased my color business immensely with happy customers returning.
Alicia Tippitt, Alicia Kutz

Hi Dennis, I’ve been using TCA drops in every secret formula I formulate since I met you four years ago. My color’s are so vibrant and don’t fade. TCA is fantastic because it allows you to use many different color techniques, have them all process under the low heat dryer and come up at the same time! I use Redken Color Gels, Color Fusion, and Shades EQ. I also use BW2 bleach. Thank you for helping my clients stand out in a crowd.
Renee` Russo

We love the speed weave foil comb. Absolutely does a foil in half the time and our foil business has increased a lot from advertisements of having the comb in our salon. Were Hooked!
Regina Bargery & Alicia Tippit

I am greatly interested in purchasing your “Power Tools” products. I tried the “TCA” sample you sent. It was fantastic! I saved at least 30 to 40 mins in processing time on each customer. Can you forward me to my local distributor or better yet phone me for direct purchasing?
Cathy Riberdy.. Windsor- Ontario, Canada

I am not a hair stylist…just a customer. I have very dark (nearly black) hair and am totally white around the hairline. I have been getting my hair colored for 12 years and was reading all this stuff about how bad dark hair dye is for us. I had decided to stop coloring my hair even though my hair stylist was having fits. (He says I am too young-looking to go white–ha!) My sister works at a high end salon and told me about your “miracle color accelerator drops”. I checked out your website and forwarded it to my stylist, Kelly Cole at Choppers. He purchased the drops and I just got my first color treatment last nite using them. It used to take me nearly 2 hours to get my hair cut and colored. Last night I was in and out of there in 45 minutes. My issue is not the time involved, but rather the exposure to the chemical. My hair was colored in 15 minutes instead of the usual 40 – 45 minutes and there was no stinging on my scalp which sometimes happens to me toward the end of the developing time. The color looks great too. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am very happy that I can still “fight aging” by continuing to get my hair colored.
Kris Ward, kris@cac.phxcoxmail.com

I am a recent cosmetology graduate that just started in the industry. I recently discovered your product TCA on the back bar at my Haircuttery Salon. I cannot believe how WONDERFUL this product is! What a great way to do more clients and make more money. My REDKEN COLOR GELS, SHADES-EQ and ALPHA-PARF, clients appreciate getting out of the chair faster, while the condition this product leaves there hair in is phenomenal. I am praising the glory of this product to all my stylist friends and even running express color sales at the shop, while making a lot more money! Thank you so much for this product!
Beth Ochsenhirt, Haircuttery-Deland, Florida

Just a quick THANK YOU for handing Karen and myself that small bottle of TCA The Color Accelerator a number of years ago, at the New York show. We use the TCA product with all our hair colors, Wella Classic, Wella Professional, Clairol, and other lighteners. Our colors are more vibrant, silky, and shiny, not to mention there is alot less fading. It takes 7-15 min to process, almost cutting the processesing time in half or less. We also use TCA at hair shows which makes things alot easier. Our clients in the salon always ask for the “quick stuff ” TCA.
Frank & Karen Sutera, Karen Sutera Salon, NY

I have been using TCA- Accelerator for about 3 years. My salon uses Matrix Socolor and Wella Color Perfect. I have had excellent results on all levels. We also use Matrix and Wella demi-colors. I have used TCA in all 4 lines with great results. I now can add an average of 2 extra colors a day to my already busy schedule. I can also add people to my schedule who are short for time. I can do a lunchtime color for a busy client and have them in and out in an hour! My new favorite is PCS. Not only do I spray it in after color for less fadeage, I put it in the color I pull through. It has been especially helpful in preserving my red results. Last week I found a new use for it…If I get color or bleach on my clothes at work, I spray the spot immediately with it. The peroxide dissipates and doesn’t lighten the fabric! KEEP INVENTING COOL STUFF!
Dana Munn, Today’s Trends Salon, West Palm Beach, Florida

Dennis, I used your product TCA with Wella Color Charm and Blonder Bleach in my salon and I’m extremely excited with the results. I was so impressed I couldn’t wait to get on the phone and tell my sister, whom is also a salon owner. I have owned and operated my salon for 30 years, and we are always shown new products, which a lot are not worth the time, your product is worth time and more. Not only does it save time it also leaves the hair in great condition. If you need a distributor in my area I would more than happy to tell the salon owners, operators about TCA. I would even be interested in demonstrating your product. Sincerely,
Linda Dietz @ hairlady 728@aol.com

I have been using TCA (The Color Accelerator) for about four years now. I have confidently used it with every color line I have encountered; MATRIX – SoColor (Including High Lift and 500), COLOR SYNC, LOGICS, VERO COLOR, (Also including High Lift), REDKEN – Color Gels, Color Fusion, Color Fusion High Lift Series and WELLA – Color Perfect, Koleston. I have yet to have a color not process to its desired shade. My clients ask for it, since they now cut their process time, especially with a color highlight, or a highlight / low light. With either one I can have my lightener and my color process at the same time, no double processing. I have found that eight minutes with low heat (with vented cap), and about four minutes to cool without a cap, is average for most clients. Sometimes I adjust for resistant or high lift colors. I have found that your product makes much better use of mine and my clients time. Thank you!
Cori, Bradenton Florida chowell3@tampabay.rr.com

Good evening. We are trying to buy your excellent products here in the UK. Can you please advise how we could buy PCS & TCA.
Robbie Fricker Director-Pennys Hairdressing LTD.

We at Adirondack Hair Associates are so glad to have found your products. The two of you were so helpful with questions. It is nice to attend the shows and have sales reps as crazy as the stylist. You guys are great.
Thanks, Kelly

We were recently at the Orlando show and purchased your products and would love to re-order. Our staff loves all your “Power Tools” for haircolor products TCA, PCS, Assist2, STB, and the Foil comb which is amazing.
Louise Rider, Daytona Beach

Where have you been all my hairstyling years? TCA and your “Power Tools” are the best inventions ever. Great conditioned hair in a fraction of the time and ecstatic clients. A win, win, win situation. I am falling in love with my business again!
Helen Pilch, Scissor Wizards-Albany, NY

I Love “TCA” with my Schwarzkopf products.
Heidi, MnHLackey@aol.com

We were recently at the Orlando show and purchased your products and would love to reorder. Our staff loves all your “Power Tools” for haircolor products TCA, PCS, Assist2, STB, and the Foil comb which is amazing.
Louise Rider, Daytona Beach

I am sure you don’t remember me from the LA trade show earlier this year, but I wanted to let you know that I am using the “TCA” with Scruples Color products and Blazing highlight products as well as Clairol Basic White, with great success and like it very much! My clients like the way their hair looks after there services, and I am pleased with the results as well.
Albertine, Scena Hair

I used “TCA” on a client’s red highlights. Three months later when she wanted to go lighter (she likes to be blonde for summer and auburn for winter), it was difficult getting the red out! She is thrilled to know that her color last’s much longer with “TCA”.
Amy Seabolt, Haircuttery – Redken Salon, Maryland

I have a customer who wants everything done but doesn’t have a lot of time. “TCA” suits her busy lifestyle. Her highlights and glazing, which normally require a two-hour visits are now done in an hour. She appreciates the time savings and I appreciate the ability to satisfy my clients and make more money at the same time!
Robin DiGiovannantonio, Haircuttery – Redken Salon, Northern, PA.

I absolutely love this product! I have a client in her late 30’s that is almost completely gray. Over the years, repeated coloring has made her gray more resistant, requiring a longer processing time. When I use “TCA” she gets 100% coverage in just 15 minutes! She loves the results and she appreciates not having to spend as much time in the salon.
Melonie Clark, Haircuttery -Redken, Mid-Atlantic Color lead

I have three long-term clients who are 50% gray and have sensitive scalps. The long color processing time was often a very uncomfortable experience for them. Now with “TCA”, the color is on for less time (just 15 minutes) and all three clients no longer have any problems. The gray coverage is even better than before!
Denise Mullins, Haircuttery – Redken, Metro Color Lead

Please tell me where I may purchase your product TCA …it is fantastic. It makes the tint last much longer by at least a couple of weeks. We are moving, please tell me where I may purchase it in the Phoenix area…thank you.
Marilyn Nutter

I am so impressed with your “TCA” Accelerator. I was in England and my hairstylist used “TCA” on me. I now do not require a toner, just the Fanciful Colour Rinse. My hair was breaking with the use of Bleach and Toners. Your product is truly a Godsend!
Liz Jakobson, Toronto-Canada

I was interested in purchasing the speed weaver comb. I recently misplaced the one that I had. I just can’t live without my speed weaver foil comb, it is one of the best tools for hair color services that I have ever used. Thank You!
Parkison, Cedar Rapids, IA


I love TCA, I have tried the yellow one as well as the thicker formula and neither is as good. I get poor grey coverage with the others. I use “TCA” with Redken ColorFusion and Gels. “TCA” work’s true with both, and reds tend to not fade. Thanks for your great product!
Carlos Chavez, Bakersfield CA

I’ve been using “TCA” for a while now and love what it does with VeroGlaze. That’s Joico color’s stain developer. It blends in grey so well when I use a blonde color without lifting the base color of the hair. Thank You,
Laura Benedict, Indulgence Salon, Eureka, California

Hey Dennis it was great to see you at the show in Manchester. I did try out The Color Assist2 product and was quite impressed with the results. I put the formula around my hairline and added the drops to on the scalp bleach. With low heat for approx 15 min I achieved a high lift results. I am originally a level 3 and the results were a 10 -11 with on the scalp bleach. This process has always been a double process for me but with your product it was one process and quicker results. Thanks a million and I can’t wait to continue to using your products.
Thank you, Suzan

I use “TCA” The Color Accelerator with all my hair color and bleach applications, it makes my life much easier.
Bonnie Sadler, Georgies Hair Salon, Oriental, NC

I was at the IBS show in NY and purchased the Speed Weaver Comb!! I love it. I need to order more. Where can I place an order. Thank you,
Risa Rucando

Our salon has used the color stain remover “TCS” before and we love it!
Dara Wilson, Double Dew-Terre Haute, Indiana

Wow…Great Product… I use Matrix Socolor and my clients were use to 45 minute processing and now are completed in 10 minutes. They are thrilled as I am with fadeout just about eliminated and their hair is left feeling like silk. Thank you for a product that does what it says!
Christine Fontenot, Christina’s Salon-Mamou, LA

I just wanted you to know that I bought your products and I love them with Matrix color and LaBleach. I did highlights the other day with bleach and color and I added the accelerator to both of them and put them under the low heat dryer and they both came up at the same time. I use 10 volume for the bleach so it took longer than 5 minutes which was fine as the color takes longer than 5 minutes. I did another head of resistant highlights and they came up perfect. Also The highlighting comb is amazing. It has taken the pain out of weaving for me. I am so happy that I took the chance on your product. Thanks,
Mary Hairmary1@juno.com

I love your product’s with my DG color and will never do any color services without them again! Thank you, Kathy Simpson

I think your product is the best thing that has ever been invented for the hair industry. Can you please tell me where I can purchase more of this miracle product? It allows Loreal color shorter processing time, with no color fadeout and great hair condition.
CarolIsler@Sheriff.org , Fort Lauderdale, Florida

TCA is a great product! I bought a bottle at the last hair show an use it with all Matrix products. I am now looking for your other products to Accessorize my color services.

Hi Dennis, Remember me? I worked in your salons as a young girl after graduating Belleville High School. You taught me so much and it is very appreciated. I am living in Florida now and am amazed so many years have passed after seeing a trade magazine and how much your business has grown. Seems like the years have flown since 1982 when we started using that “Power Tool” for fast process color services. I was amazed then and knew you were on to something big and am so happy to learn of your success thru perseverance after all these years. Your product has changed an industry and you should be proud. I am privileged to have worked at your Newark and Belleville salons and to have known you. I am proud of you, keep up the good work.
Donna Shaffer, Gorgeous Hair, Boca Raton, FL

Dear Mr. Bernard,
Thank You for a wonderful product. It does everything you claim and more. I was able to take advantage of your free sample program and use the “TCA” with my Wella Color Charm and Kaleidcolor products and was amazed how wonderful your product really is! Now my stylists and customers are demanding we get this product immediately. We are hooked! Please give me details how to get more thru our local distributor?
Bev jcanale46@xxxxx.com

Dear Dennis, Long before we at Alltress Beauty Supply take on a new product for distribution, we begin rigorous testing in our own test salon, and your TCA products have passed each test with flying colors, better coverage, better hold, better lift and shorter processing times. Our tests on your product were with Lisap LK Cream Color and DousColor Semi-Permanent Creme Color. We have had outstanding results. It is a great pleasure for us to now be doing business with your firm and representing your products. I am certain that with the results I have witnessed, we shall become a very good outlet for your product, and we are a company that deals only with what we consider to be the very best this industry has to offer. Sincerely,
Robert Ray, Owner, Alltress Beauty Supply, www.alltress.com

I am co -owner of a hair salon in Texas called the Beauty Lounge. We love your products including your new TCS – The Color Stainremover. How can we purchase more?,
Danny Smith

Your products and TCA are GREAT!!!!! They really work well with Wella, Loreal, Redken. I definitely plan on ordering more.
June Barnes, June’s Beauty Boutique, Kalamazoo, MI

Hi I’m a beautician and received samples of TCA to try and took them to work. The girls liked them so much they were gone before I had a chance to try it and they were asking for more.
Chastidy Schindler, Huntington, WV, Employed By Regis Corporation @ Mastercuts

Hi Dennis,
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with TCA. I just purchased my first bottle this past weekend at the Emiliani show in Somerset and I love it. I was able to use it this week on every color and foil service (Framesi and D color B) I did and it was wonderful. My clients are loving how quickly they process and so am I. I love the way the hair feels when it is done. I am happy to have invested in TCA.
Evelyn Guerriera, Salon Avalon, N.J.

Your TCA & TCS products work GREAT, thank you so much. Take care and have a wonderful day. Marjie

I was at the Crystal City Hair show and purchased TCA, TCA Assist and TCS The Color Stain Remover. I used it on my sister and was very impressed. I would like to know more about all the products you offer.

Mr. Bernard,
I am a manager of a salon in York, PA and we have recently started using your product TCA. The results have been great! I was a little unsure if it would work with Dikson hair color but we have been pleased. I am very interested in purchasing your foil comb and would like to know where I can purchase one to try. Thank you,
Josie Flory, Manager, Vicki’s Mane-Tainers

Being a Chemical Director for Tigi allows me to be creative. Sometimes time is a big issue at a hair show. Like when a model doesn’t show up and you have 30 minutes to get them done and up on stage. Dennis has created a solution TCA drops. Being a salon owner the drops also allow me to keep my reds more vibrant and coming back and requesting “the drops” as they call it. If you haven’t tried them you don’t know what you are missing out on.
Lori Lopez ,Wild Orchids, The Salon

I was wondering if I could get some samples of the TCA. Another stylist told me how wonderful this product is and that she had received some samples from you. I would really like to try TCA since I have heard so many good things about it. I would also appreciate any technical guides or brochures you have about your products.
Sarah Trujillo, Denver, CO

Please send us the closest distributor for the TCA and TCA2 products. We purchased TCA at Hair World and found it to be an incredible product. All the stylists at the salon were impressed and are eager to get started with it. Thanks.
Dee Smith, Witchita, KS

Thank you so, so much for having this wonderful product available. It’s revolutionary and badly needed. The product enables us to get the color on and off quickly, plus gives condition. My personal clients who have experienced the product love it.
Julia, Owner, Angelo’s, St. Paul, MN

I have been hi-lighting my hair for years and it had become VERY blonde, I have natural level 6 hair color. I decided to color my blonde hair red. I used TCA and the color came up in 15 min. on super resistant gray hair. That was 3 1/2 weeks ago and I really haven’t faded that much and it is time for a retouch. Thanks for a great product.
Terri Moss, Classic Hair Designs



GOD created moms…. And said this is great GOD created children … and said this is even better. DENNIS BERNARD created TCA… and all the hairdressers said…This can’t be beat. I can color clients hair faster, better and make more money, so I have more money and time to spoil my children with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best color additive I have ever used in my 30 years of enhancing peoples lives with haircolor. It was great meeting you Dennis at the Indianapolis Hair EXPO . GOD Bless You,
Susies Scissors/Fabulous Hair

I have received your products and have come away very impressed with the results. Thank you so much for sending them. I now would like to explore the possibility of distributing your products here in the Philippines as well as in our neighboring countries. The ones without distributors at present. Would you be so kind as to inform me of the minimum orders needed to be able to acquire the rights to distribute in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. I believe that your product provides a very good business opportunity as it offers salon clients a very unique service. It actually improves the condition of the hair after a chemical service instead of damaging it. Now that’s a product worth selling.
Best regards, Fritz

TCA works great. It has saved me on time, many many times. Thanks for a great product! Working in Las Vegas customers here are constantly late, so, TCA has been a very valuable tool.
Sincerely, Janis Fusaro

I have been using TCA for 3 years and love it. I have customers calling me to make sure I have TCA in stock, customers are more loyal with TCA. This product helps me earn more money and have extra time to do hi lites. Thank you for such a great product!
Jody Orns

I have used TCA for about 4 months and been very pleased with the results. It allows me to fit color retouches in were before. Plus my customer’s like the fact that they can get done in less time. I forgot to use TCA one time on a customer after using it the first time and boy did I catch it. Now when I mix her color before I put it on she always asks did you use those drops? Believe me she won’t let me forget again. I also like the way it leaves my customers hair feeling. It doesn’t feel dry and I have less fading on all my colors; including blondes who are over 50% gray and work out in the sun a lot. I also discovered by a mistake in my reading of the instructions that if left on ends for 5 minutes under the dryer it helped those faded ends after a perm and then let cool for 5 minutes; and the hair still feels great. Thanks a lot for TCA
Rebecca Brown, Cosmetologist & Salon Owner

I truly think this is one of the greatest products on the market today. I have tried other color accelerators but by far TCA is my choice. If you have problems in getting good coverage for your clients with gray hair TCA added to your color formula is your answer. Fifty percent of my business are customers over fifty, and since I have been using TCA in my color formulas my color business is soaring.
Stephen Decker Dec-N-Out Family Hair Care Center Bernice, OK
P.S. How can I become a distributor?

Wonderful product. At a recent hair show I purchased TCA The Color Accelerator and used it on a trial basis. I could not believe the results. I am a part- time teacher of cosmetology, I used TCA on a trial basis and the time saved was fantastic. It allowed the students to get more exposure to different clients and color services in one day .
Thank you, Mike


I am a hairdresser in Conway, SC and was very touched by the letter you wrote. I think you are 100% correct in our people “United we stand, Divided we fall”. Thank you for this voice of information. And by the way I love your product TCA to speed the color process. Thank You,
Billie Ann

Your product, TCA, is awesome!!! I am telling everyone to try it. I dye my hair red, by myself, and have gotten so many compliments on it. I do have some questions, and I am having trouble getting your website. One of my questions is, how do you use TCA as just a conditioner? Thanks,

Hi, I used the sample of TCA & love it!!!, with Redken color. I will be calling Columbia Beauty Supply to order some tomorrow (cost permitting). Please send me a catalog of all your products. Thanks,
Teresa Smith, Cary, NC

Dennis Bernard, I just wanted you to know that I tried out the TCA. I used it with bleach, and with permanent color for highlights and lowlights. I was so amazed! I was using Redken Color Fusion which takes 45 minutes to process. I was finished in ten minutes. I couldn’t believe it. This product is remarkable, and I have so many questions to ask you about it! I watched the video that you gave me on the comb, and I tried it out on some hair, but I haven’t actually used it for highlights yet. It was such a pleasure to meet you at the show, and I look forward to hearing from you about working the Winston-Salem show. Once again Thank you!,
Jamie Simpson

I am a cosmetologist and just purchased TCA and I love it. Please send me a catalog. My name and address is Bethany Girard I live at 5155 South Torrey Pines Drive #1065 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118. I love your products and buy them at Sally Beauty Supply. Respectfully yours,
Bethany Girard

I am a stylist who recently has tried TCA and love it. I am interested in other things that your company has to offer. Thank you,
Monica Kirby, 6 River Court Aylett, VA 23009

I have used the TCA and love it!! On your make up or bronzers, do you have info. and price list you could send me?
Linda Korte, Bowling Green, MO 63334

With “TCA” I am able to do a $75.00 color in less than an hour, and can add $5.00 to a ticket for the time it saves the client. Customers rave about how well their color stays! “Our highlights were softer blondes and our reds stayed red. That was worth it right there”.
Lori Lopez Team member Toni & Guy – As seen in Modern Salon Magazine June2001

Dear Dennis,
I wanted to write and thank you for The Color Accelerator. We are a Matrix only salon and have used it successfully with our Solcolor and Logics lines. The time we save with it is great but more importantly it leaves the hair in superb condition. Thanks again and ship another 6 bottles. Sincerely,
Joe Santy, Educator

Dear Dennis, I wanted to say hello and let you know that I am still using the fast process product Power Tool, your now calling TCA. I own my own salon now in Bloomfield and have become very successful. I believe with all I learned working and managing your salon’s years ago has helped build the business I have. Your TCA has helped grow my business and promotions around your product have increased my business ten fold. I hope to see you again and will look for you at a future show I attend. I want to give you a big hug for all you have done for my carrier. Continued good luck!
Diana Bruno, Avanti Salon

Its always nice to receive something up-beat. Happy New Year! Eugene, Thank you for the marvelous Xmas card. More than that, thank you for this fabulous product “TCA”!!! I love it and really don’t know how I ever did without it! My bleach’s are less brassy and more vibrant. My colors are richer…..I love it. I also need more as my little one bottle is almost all gone. Should I order directly from you or from Armstrong McCall? Just let me know. Best wishes for a great New Year. With this great product your future could only be outstanding. Sincerely,
Elisabeth Mineburg

Dennis, I wanted to thank you for hiring me as your manager of your Hillside, NJ location years ago and being a part of your excellent company. If you remember, after only working two weeks I wanted you to know how happy I was being part of your Total Images salons and stated that in our communications but also mentioned that the product you developed, Power Tool fast color (TCA) was excellent but noticed on some of my cliental being black and very resistant, did not cover as stated. I don’t have problems presently except on a select few. I have discovered thru your dad (my salon is across from his) that you are testing a new product that pre-softens problem areas. I would be interested in trying the product and even willing to test for you if you agree. Please call me direct at my salon 908-686-0050.
Grace, Grace’s Beauty Emporium, 968 Styvesant Ave, Union, NJ

I am Greg Amparan an international educator for Centrex, I travel all over the U.S. & Canada and have heard nothing but good thing’s about TCA, so I bought some and tried it in my salon, ok I’m hooked, I took one hour off my cut, color & blow dry time. & now do a color and blow dry in about 45 min’s, and that’s no lie there is nothing like it. My reds are redder and last longer. If you have any questions about TCA please e-mail me at Amparan2@cs.com . Thanks,
Greg Amparan, Educator

Hey thanks, the full page ad in Modern Salon looks great and the product works even better. It’s funny I hired a new hairdresser today and she said I’m surprised you aren’t using “TCA” yet. I said I’ve been using “TCA” and loving it. Thanks again and if you ever need anything else just write.

Dear Dennis,
I am sorry to say, but I have yet to find any one in Tucson who is carrying your drops.
I am almost out. Would like to know if I can purchase them from you. Hope so.
Ann Johnson Tucson, AZ

Money is first and time is second. At first I thought o.k. put 18 drops in an application and wow color that fast. It took about 6 weeks and then it happened. Customers were coming back saying use what you used last time my color didn’t even fade. Our highlights were more softer blondes and our REDS stayed red. That was worth it right there. I have never had a customer come back and say use what you used last time. I order as much as I could to make it worth my money. We add $5 to each ticket if they want to save time. Not all customers want to get out that fast. But 99% do. A $75 color in less than 1 hour. I can handle that! I’d have to say if your not using the drop use it stick with it for 2 months and remember our time is money. And our customers are happier. I use Wella color and never never have had any problems. Just try it you’ll love it!
Lori Lopez, 25 years Wild Orchids, The Salon, Art Team Member for Toni & Guy, Tigi, CCA member, TSA member

Fabulous product!!!!!!!!Saving me time and making tons of money!!!!!!!!How did this discovery come about? Thank you !
Design Works

I would like to request a catalog. I’ve been using the TCA for about 2 months now, and we all have had great results. My clients love that it takes less time to develop. Thanks
Tonya Wolford, 128 Pembridge Dr., Winchester,Va 22602